New Images

The myths about giant creatures, disguised as man-made or natural objects, roaming the lands – have turned out to be true! 

Boots screwed up my camera film with the evidence – but luckily i have been able to create an ‘artist’s impression’…….

These prints will soon be available at Art Republic, Brighton.




Award Winning Show!

We just heard today that our Cinemascope show for the Brighton Fringe Festival has just won ‘Best Show of the Fringe’!! Needless to say we are delighted (and we must say a monster-sized ‘thank you’ to everyone who voted for us – and of course to the artists who took part in the exhibition. Already thinking about next years theme……


New Site Coming

Hello all. I have a spanking new shiny website on the way…….

In the mean time you’ll have to cope with this holding page where i’ll be keeping you up to date with my work and projects. All work is available from boxbird. Currently i am involved in Cinemascope which is ongoing until 31st May – so hurry down there if you wanna see it…..

Star Wars Action Stamps


A big thanks to Steve ( for putting this page together so quickly. He really is the Gandalf of web scripting.