Decked Project

I will be taking part in the Decked Project from 25th – 30th August at the Stolen Space Gallery, Brick Lane, London.

A collection of 50 street artists/illustrators/designers/tattooists each designing their own skate deck, and here is my end result………As you can see, my cat found it quite hypnotic watching me work on it! Even tried to grab the brushes a few times – another budding artist in the family?? (No. Because it’s a cat – they can’t draw)

Birdlander 2

Birdlander 1

Birdlander 4

Birdlander 3

Birdlander 5

Shaaa-wing badder………!!

A homage to men in pyjamas with big bats and silly names. Available as a set of 4, silkscreen on japanese ply – at Coningsby gallery show 1st – 12th Sept…..


Silkscreen Detail

Silkscreen Detail