Animation part 1

I’m very excited to be able to post news of the arrival of my first teaser animation. ‘The Astronaut’ is part 1 of 3 short animations available to view online here as a prelude to my solo show at ink-d gallery in May. It was a collaboration between myself and the clever techno-bods over at the dream factory that is Ticktockrobot.

ok here is a little teaser pic from my upcoming solo show at ink-d gallery in May. I’m very much enjoying working with 3-D materials again so you can expect to see plenty of that on show as well as drawings, paintings, prints and something veeeeerry ambitious! (why do i do it to myself!?) You can follow show updates on Twitter @Me_Marionette.

Having released this print as a small silkscreen run it is now available in giclee form from Boxbird. I really wanna animate this so watch this space. My first proper animation collaboration with ticktockrobot is currently underway and we’ll be releasing teasers soon….