New Alphamal Series


Graham has been working on beautiful new series of limited edition Giclee prints called ‘Alphamals’ So far he has created B(ee), E(lephant), G(rizzly), H(edgehog) and lonesome George the T(ortoise).  Prints cost £80 and are available to purchase online via Boxbird Gallery.


*** New Solo Show ***

Ok , this is probably the last solo exhibition i will be doing for a while as there are numerous other projects i am aiming to get my teeth into next year. So if you’re passing Bath, please pop into the amazing gallery that is Rostra, and be as flabbergasted (i’ve never written that word before!) as i was to see how much work i have accumulated over the last couple of years (and thats not even half of it!)


I will be exhibiting alongside some fantastic artists at ‘Not for Rental‘ exhibition set to open July the 4th.  The work will be movie themed as each artist has undertaken a different film to inspire an original piece of work.  For a truly unique exhibition experience head to 71A Gallery London.  All of the work will be for sale to aid Macmillan Cancer Support so you can feel even better about purchasing art….!

Also checkout their Facebook page here. Awesome looking show!