‘Which Watch’ are you?

Which Watch birds are the latest in Carterworks security.  Each limited edition pair of Watch Birds comes beautifully packaged with a background screen print on grey board.  Have a closer look online.


What’s all this then?

These little beauties are silk screened on to wood and then lazer cut. Lovely Beat Bobbies to keep you safe. Each limited edition pair of Beat Bobbies comes beautifully packaged with a background screen print on grey board. Pop your order in or just take a closer look online here.


New Alphanimal Prints Released!

Welcome to the Alaphanimal series and how lovely it is that you could join us. This jubilant J-aguar and marvellous M-anatee are the newest additions.  Ready to join the alphanimal masses as the alphabet is built letter by letter.  Take a look at their companions here.


Burning the Clocks Patron Artist

This year Graham has been invited to be one of the patron artists of Same Sky’s Burning of the Clocks. So what on earth is ‘Burning the Clocks’? Burning the Clocks was created in the city of Brighton in 1994 as a way to celebrate the festive season regardless of faith or creed. The event run by Same Sky begins with the family lantern procession through the city. After carrying the lanterns through the city in the parade they are passed into a fire on Brighton beach, as a token of the year’s end. Then a dazzling fire show is set in motion, in which a massive fire sculpture is ignited, live music plays, and fireworks light up the sky!



We’re delighted to announce that Angels and Ghosts was awarded the Audience Vote at the London International Animation Festival 2013.

Angels and Ghosts was funded by The Wellcome Trust and created in association with Wowbagger Productions.  Graham worked as Art Director for Ticktockrobot who designed, storyboarded and animated director Sara Kenney’s sensitive script.