The ‘All Creatures’ Show


I’ve been radio-silent for a while on this blog as i’ve been busy beavering (and other animal related puns) away on a new nature based exhibition for Ink_d Gallery in May, as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival…….

Come and see what i’ve been up to for the last 5 months from May 2nd – 31st . From new experiments in polymer clay to signature wood-cut 3D characters/animals (and the odd Ape-study for good measure). Hopefully something for everyone! Oh, and silkscreen workshops too for those quick on the draw! See you there brown bear!


Bee-Revival-Kit-Detail The-Baboon-grid-WEB The-Wanderer-grid-details-150dpi CdB-Gold Panda Detail 1 (Y)ak Big Blue Detail 1

Out of the Box

Taking part in the Out of the Box show at No Format Gallery in London SE18 – from Nov 22nd – Dec 22nd. From cabinets of curiosities , to peephole dioramas , it promises to deliver a boxed-feast for the eyes. With 70+ artists submitting their delights.

The Puppet Challenge


Earlier in the year Graham was invited by Clive Hicks-Jenkins and Peter to take part in an online ‘Puppet Challenge Exhibition’.  Graham rose to the challenge and created a unique futuristic 70’s pimp Puss in Boots!  (As you do!)  Here’s what the man himself said about the experience:

“This is my first foray into puppet-making. (Well, apart from a ten-foot mobile Yeti rod-puppet I helped build for a parade a couple of years ago – but that was a group effort!) Firstly I’d like to thank Clive and Peter for inviting me to take part. I do like a challenge! When I accepted it though, I hadn’t quite anticipated the shift in mindset needed when making something ‘functional’ as opposed to purely aesthetic. Some of my recent 3D pieces do closely resemble puppets, and I had considered tackling this in the same way but that soon went out of the window when I realised that limbs had to actually move! As much as I tried to plan the puppet and make a few thumbnail sketches, I figured the best way, for me personally, was trial and error. I had a loose design in my head and figured I would tackle moveable limbs as I went along. Engineers would scoff at that of course, but I’m definitely not an engineer! When thinking of a subject I very nearly began working on a miniature puppet theatre-set based on the film of Jason & the Argonauts, with Skeleton Automata – but very quickly realised this would be a folly for a novice! Keep it simple! (Wise words Clive!) I thought it would be fun creating a character with long legs, and I narrowed it down to a frog-prince or Puss-in-Boots. I opted for the clever cat. In order to spice it up a bit I decided on a futuristic Puss-in-Boots, complete with bionic arm/paw (of course!) I did make him a little leather hat too but this only served to make him look like a 70’s pimp!”

Be sure to have a look at the fascinating Online Exhibition here.

Graham’s son Noah was charmed to meet Mr Puss in boots in the garden…


Head to Hampstead to see the Affordable Art Fair and the wonderful Rostra Gallery stand featuring lovely new 3D work and limited edition silk screen prints by Graham Carter.  The Autumn Gardener has arrived as well as some very cheeky heavy petters ooooh naughtiness!